iOS: Touch-screen sluggish with Brave?

Description of the issue:
On iPad Touch v3, I find the touch-screen becomes sluggish. Sometimes, I have to wait several seconds for the touch-screen to respond. Typing in Brave (touch-screen) is very bad sometimes: sluggish, ignored key-press, etc. I THINK it is caused by Brave, but it is hard to tell. For now, I uninstalled Brave, and the touch-screen seems normal.

Since ExpressVPN is also installed, I tried uninstalling that, but it is re-installed now, and does not seem to be the cause.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. iPad Air 3
  2. Brave
  3. ExpressVPN?

Expected result:
Flawless touch-screen responsiveness.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Latest version for iOS, not currently installed.

Mobile Device details
iPad Air V3
Latest iOS 14 (had problem with iOS v13 too)

Additional Information:
Almost ready to give-up on Brave on iOS (Windows is fine).

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I noticed it too on my iPad Air 2, after running the app for few days it gets slow.
Killing the app and reopening it fixes it for me.

Unfortunately this is a hard bug to track, we will try our best to fix it, sorry for that

same here on my iPhone device , didn’t bothered to install it on my iPad because it lacks on iOS , sync :pray: , wallet , the slug infestation that you mention - i can only open in new tab on each link etc - crashes randomly as well .
To be clear i’m a Brave supporter and recommend it to each and all persons i know on they’re desktop or android , but really useless on iOS devices apart from MacBook or iMac

Just closing and re-opening the app (Brave on iOS) does not generally help. A hard reset (home + power button) helps for a while.


I believe sync is coming soon to iOS.


I also see this on my iPad. Deleting Brave from RAM and reopening it helps for a while. Sometimes I also see this behavior in Safari. So this might not be Brave related but a problem how apps are handled generally on iOS.

I doubt there is much Brave devs can do about it.

There might be a memory leak somewhere which results in the app being slow overtime until the app is killed and reopened.

I investigated it a bit this week but couldn’t find anything suspicious.

From my tests it looks like the url autocomplete is having performance issues, while other parts of the interface are not getting slowed down

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This may explain why some adds are not showing on my mobile

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