Search Bar Input Lag / Slow

I’m reposting something another user posted 9 months ago because I have the same issue with Brave and the devs NEVER responded to that thread. Come on, people. It is an easy issue to reproduce and it is absolutely unacceptable garbage coding.

I have updated the versions here and so forth to what applies to me. Shockingly, this has persisted for nearly a YEAR, across multiple versions, despite the fact that it is an obvious and awful user experience issue. If you cannot fix such a detrimental issue, I cannot use your browser or recommend it anymore. Oh, and don’t get me started on issues with the Desktop version, such as numerous hiccups with videos in multiple tabs, and freezing. Yikes.

Description of the issue:

When typing into the search bar, everything lags a lot. To elaborate, when I’m typing it delays and even the suggestions delays. In addition to this pain, my phone gets very hot.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Type anything into the search bar

Expected result:

No delays within the app

Brave Version( check About Brave ):

Version 1.19 (

Mobile Device details

IOS 13.6, iPhone XR

Additional Information:

I’m using the default Apple keyboard

I have two iOS devices. I do not observe any lags. Have you already tried to disable suggestions? Does it still lag? If not, suggestions might be to blame.

Suggestions shouldn’t slow down the device at all. After all, we’re no longer in the stone ages of processors.

You are right. Suggestions should notably slow down anything. But to find out whether or not suggestions are to blame you might want to disable them and see if the lags are gone.

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