Touch screen lag issue

Hi all, hoping someone can help. I recently switched to Brave, love the concept and installed on various devices. However I have an issue on my 2 in1 tablet (Switch Alpha 12) that I do not have with other browsers on the device.
In table mode when using the browser in touch mode (Windows 10 pro 1903), I get a lot of lag for scrolling, typing etc. Basically it is unusable in tablet mode right now, It feels like the browser is overloaded with inputs for a second or two frequently as I also get a momentary “not responding warnings” some times. I have so far tried to play with the touch related flags, have reinstalled the browser, turned off all extension etc but no luck.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

I think I have a similar issue as you. I find that the scroller lags sometimes but I might attribute it to the fact the page has not finished loading. This happens always on facebook because the feed is always loading as you scroll down. Sometimes it gets stuck and keeps scrolling on it’s own. I have found that Brave is a memory hogger by looking at task manager. Using it makes my laptop very hot as well and makes the fan spin fast. I’m also having issues moving the actual browser window or re-arranging tabs by using a touch screen pen, but no issues with finger…hmm. I love Brave but I may have to ditch it for something else because of all this.

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