Ios summary issues

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iOS app disfunctions


1.language changes from English to Dutch to French randomly
2.the brave adds pages don’t open with a java error
3.the making it as default browser is not handy without import of safari’s saved passwords and compatibility fails with gmail and iOS mail wallet , brave rewards not collecting or are to set up each time you start the device after a shutdown
5.many pages not functioning
release the Sync with iOS AND IT WILL RESOLVE MANY

1.20 {}

iPad 7 & iPhone Xs

sync on iOS please

I’ve pretty much summed it up , i deleted it because it was more of a pain then something else to fill in passwords you have in your desktop version and the brave ads don’t work anyway , on top it isn’t stable yet , and please from the deepest from my heart …SYNCHRONISATION on iOS , why Android no problem but iOS always lacking ? I try to give constructive feed , correct me and sorry if i didn’t

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Because of the lack of sync functionality in Brave I have stopped using it on all my iOS devices. Statements from Brave regarding sync on iOS are vague at best. I don’t expect sync to be available on iOS any time soon and Brave devs are extremely silent about informing us users.

Regarding the other issues you mentioned:

I cannot reproduce 1 and 2.

3: I’m using Lastpass and don’t have to import anything. Can you give an example of some of the compatibility issues you have mentioned?

4: There is no wallet, neither on iOS nor on Android. I strongly recommend NOT using Brave rewards on iOS or Android. It never worked right for me on both OS and auto payments never worked at all. And reading about all the issues people have with rewards I would strongly suggest to forget about rewards altogether and disable them.

5: Examples please.

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hi, sorry for my late response, had a busy bee week😀
I can’t see any template …
1, yes it’s French based on my location Belgium where the biggest part of the population talks Dutch .
Less a problem since i speak both .
2. It’s a hit and miss for some adds , it’s a white screen with a this URL doesn’t respond message
3. LastPass is a solution or NordPass indeed …
4.It makes me sad not have any rewards , i still use it though on my pad . have a maximum of 6 or 7 BAT while i use only Brave on desktop like sometimes 30 hours in a row🥳 so , tips never did happen while set on automatic {normal desktop Mac version}
5. i’ll screen capture some and post reply this👍

To be clear , i’m not a hater . Far from one , I spread the word there where i encounter a browser topic and show my friends in RL >> they’re not crypto fans , nuts🙄

Thanks for reply

i forgot to clarify for nr 4 : 6 or 7 for a whole month , not for 30 hours

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