Problem with Brave on iPhone

I’m having problems with Brave on my iPhone X. Several sites, that I never have had a problem with in the past, have started to not load correctly. Missing photos, incomplete loads, misaligned pages, etc. IOS version 14.4.2 and Brave version 1.23.1 ( No problems with my other Apple devices (iPad and iMac). The only way I can things to load correctly on the iPhone is to take the shields down, which kinda defeats the purpose of using Brave. This problem just started in the last few weeks.

Any ideas as to what’s going on??


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Can you tell me what sites specifically are affected by this?
Additionally, have you tried clearing your browser cache/data to see if this shakes anything loose?

MSN, for one, and really just about any site that has photos. That seems to be the biggest problem. They either don’t load at all, or just give me the spinning wheel of doom…


Can you please try clearing your data and see if this makes any difference in behavior?

Hi, if you have access to a VPN (Changing to a different location) or just disabling it completely if it was enabled. Occasionally I see issues using a VPN, when images won’t load or load extremely slowly.

Also restarting the iPhone, may also help

Cleared data, nothing changed. Restarted phone, nothing changed. Even tried using cellular instead of wi-fi…nothing changed.

Can you screenshot what looks like?

Example from my iphone 8plus:

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