Make the `playlist` easier/more intuitive to use (e.g. widget, dedicated tab)

I used Brave increasingly for various reasons. One of which is that you get PIP mode, whereas iPhone’s Safari and even Chrome and the YT app do not offer this. This is great, e.g. if you want to listen to long YT videos, whilst going for a jog/walk/riding your bike. The offline play mode is also excellent.

However, the UI could be improved. It’s a bit fiddly getting to the playlist (you have to open the menu) or switching between the playlist and the browser (I always feel a bit uncertain about whether I’m going to screw up my browser page when switching). And switching back to the browser feels unintuitive: I frequently hit the < Playlists button at the top left (because the positioning of this is universal for go back) and end up navigating within the folder instead of switching back to the browser tab. That is a tad irritating. In short, from a UX stand point, it does not feel easy and secure.

Here are some suggestions:

Towards ease of access:

  • an (optional) widget for playlist in the start/blank tabs.
  • a button for playlist to the right of the search bar where the wallet icons are.

Towards smoother transitioning:

  • an (optional) dedicated tab for the playlist.
  • you could even make it so that clicking the ‘all tabs’ button leads to that view with normal tabs / private tabs / the playlist.
  • rethink the placement of buttons or the logic of the user workflow. If you enter the playlist from the browser, then instead of the < Playlists button, you might want to just have < back and the logic of this button depend on what the user was just doing (either they were navigating files or they were in a browser tab). There is a finished button on the right, which does lead back to the tab, but instead of this, why not just an [x]-button which is universal for ‘close’. That would be more intuitive.

A final point regarding PIP: It would be nice to be able to use PIP whilst browsing YT (not talking about the playlist now), just like the YT app (the YT app of course only has PIP mode inside their app). At the moment, it is not possible to properly ‘multitask’.