iOS 12.5.4 Brave Private Web Browser, VPN won't update to latest version

Description of the issue:

Brave Private Web Browser, VPN won’t update to latest version on iOS 12.5.4. The AppStore appears to download the update but then reverts to needing to update status.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch AppStore.
  2. Tap Updates.
  3. Tap Update button next to Brave Private Web Browser, VPN app.
  4. Wait for app to update.
  5. Update button reappears. Brave Private Web Browser, VPN app is not updated.

Expected result:

Brave Private Web Browser, VPN app is updated.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Currently installed: 1.24 (
Advertised update version: 1.30 (117 MB)

Mobile Device details

Apple iPhone 6 with iOS 12.5.4

Additional Information:

I have a few other app updates that are behaving this way. I believe if Brave can identify the issue, Apple can resolve the behavior, Amazon Music being one of them. I attempted to delete the Amazon Music app in an effort to install the updated version as a fresh instance. Unfortunately, the Amazon Music app appears to download but does not complete installation. I don’t want to do that with Brave because I use Brave as my primary web browser on this device.

Thank you!

Latest Brave iOS releases support iOS13+ devices only

Given that that is the case, I would have expected that this update should not even show as available on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.5.4.

I have the same issue with the same device and iOS version. When I look at the Compatibility details for the app in the Apple App Store they state “Works on this iPhone” and “Requires iOS 11.0 or later”.

Perhaps there is something misconfigured in this update.

(Incidentally, when I look at, the most recent iOS release listed is not v1.30 but v1.29 of August 4th.)

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Please keep in mind I’m new here. I created an account and this is my first post solely for this issue. I don’t know who anyone is here.

I would be more apt to accept the response from @michal as the Solution if there were obvious references to the app requirements. I can confirm all of what @skangerland has provided and I agree with the perspective.

Thank you!

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no worries,
It can be something up with how Apple or AppStore handles this.
iOS 1.24 is indeed last version with iOS 12 support, i believe everything is configured correctly on our end.

Regarding the 1.30 questions, it’s currently pending App Store review, once it passes it will be available to users, but the release is finished that’s why you can see the changelog on our website

Thanks @michal! I have started an Apple Communities discussion as well, here: Is there anything that anyone should do to follow up with Apple?

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I think that’s most you can do. Thank you for taking it to Apple forums as well

Is there anything that Brave can do? Perhaps, raise the issue with Apple? There must be a channel that app developers/providers can use to report issues…?

Thank you!

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