- this the problem is still unsolved?

is the problem mentioned in this post ( website issues) still unresolved?

I’ve disabled the shield, disabled cookies, disabled extensions and stuff, but the scale to the right of the chart is not visible
Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox display the graph correctly

@a3166 can you provide an exact link to what you’re looking at? Or at least instructions on how to get to that chart? I didn’t spend a great deal of time looking, but I did click on a lot of things. Closest I had gotten is below, but you can see that everything is visible.

What I also learned is that there seem to be keyboard shortcuts for that site. Such as when I hit Ctrl+ Shift+ B to hide by bookmark bar, it put the chart into full screen. Other types of shortcuts seem to be Alt+A which creates an alert. So would bring up a question if you possibly have wrong zoom or if you might have hit commands that could have hidden it. Or since you’re logged in, is there something in your profile or site settings?

Have you tried in something like a new browser profile? Main thing I’m wondering here is if it could be something in your cookies or site settings. I know you said you disabled cookies, but I’m not sure that would accomplish the same thing as clearing cookies.

Go to, choose any instrument on the right (stocks, currencies, etc.) then click “technical chart” on the chart. We get a graph with the right scale cut off.

I deleted all cookies, logged out of the account on the site, no change. The right scale is not visible.
i’ve install a beta brave - no such problem, everything is correct. I will wait for update in this case

I completely reset all the settings - the problem disappeared. I will look for the cause, gradually changing to my settings

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The reason is in the “Block Browser Fingerprints” setting

standard method - no problem

aggressive method - there is a problem

Thank you all))

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Thanks for letting us know.

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