Inundated with ads!

My wife’s brave on android is suddenly getting inundated with ads. I can’t find how to add ublock orgin. Any words of advice?

You don’t need uBlock Origin, you just need to make sure you have Shields active and with the proper settings. You can see some of that info over at What are the best settings for Shields?

Also to be clear, you can’t use extensions on Android…at least not yet. No clue when or if that will be a thing.

Follow link I gave first that kind of shows ideal Shields settings and make sure they aren’t disabled on any particular site (the lion icon is the Shields symbol, but the settings there are site specific. So any changes made there are for that site only, not for all. Has to make sure hasn’t turned off or adjusted on any one site)

If you check all that and still having issues, then follow instructions at How come I’m still seeing ads?.

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