Brave Ad-block on PC and Android has gotten good

Previously few months back the ad-block particularly on android was good but not at par of u-block origin on android (Gecko android extension). But from last month it has gotten really good on par with u-block origin or even better than that since gecko on android with extensions is impossible to use. There were some sites (novel sites) which I frequently visited which used to spam ads and bogus redirections to the user since they put up pirated content on these sites. But, the ad-block is tweaked considerably and not a single ad or redirection went through brave shields. I think @fanboynz oversees the ad-block in brave team, good job done, whoever did it in respect to android ad-block. Also, it has become on par with UBO on PC too. Specifically for me better than UBO since I don’t like using too many extensions for stuff that can be done by browser.

Now, I don’t know that they took the PC list put it in android or manually created a list specifically for android. If it is latter then pretty good work done. I could tip BAT to @fanboynz on this forum but it seems it is not supported.

Thanks! Not just me, but credit to the whole Brave team, and the community behind the Easylist, Easyprivacy and uBO filters.

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Can close the thread as my feedback was known.

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