Internet suddenly being slow, buffering, lag etc

I’ve been using this browser and computer for around two years now with basically no issues yet randomly, for around 3 days now I seem to be having way worse connection.

I am using a hotspot tethered via USB to my computer, which has been working very well for a while now until recently.

I’ve already done everything you can do, contacted my my provider, EE.
Restarted my computer,
flushed the ipconfig dns,
restarted phone,
taken sim card out of the phone and put it back in,
cleared cookies and cache,
etc etc etc.

Nothing has changed still having issues, another example being that when I play a game all the time it is consistent 40 ping now I get random ping spikes which makes it unplayable.

I was hoping for that if somebody could look through some diagnostic files/logs for me and help solve my issue.


What is the signal strength between the hotspot and the computer? Also the signal strength of the internet connection on the phone.

Brave has no control over latency or speed, it will only go as fast the connection allows. Check the PC isn’t doing any updates (windows update, games updates etc).

Hello @kcharlie

Thanks for the information and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Is this still an issue for you?

Be waiting for your response!

Yes this is still an issue,
nothing has changed / improved.

Still takes way longer to load a page now than it did before.

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