**Interactive Text To Speech Interface**😝

In my opinion, Reedy: Intelligent Reader is one of the best applications available for reading & listening to extracted webpage content and ebooks. Reedy provides a smooth touch interface for text to speech reading allowing users to simultaneously read & listen to text at speeds up to 300% and easily backtrack through passages with a simple touch to review missed text.
This is especially helpful for students or academics who need to consume a lot of information in a limited timeframe.

My suggestion would be to develop something similar to Reedy and incorporate it into the browser itself, this would allow users to read articles at a much faster pace and increase overall browsing speeds. A simple on/off toggle would allow users to disable this feature at their whim.

Another benefit of this text to speech interface is that it would also help individuals with disabilities adopt Brave as their go to browser and demonstrate Brave’s commitment to inclusivity within the industry.

But most importantly, it would make reading novels on Royal Road much more convenient for me. The idea that I could possibly donate to authors on Royal Road using the BAT I earned from all the mind numbingly awful advertisements makes me very happy.

Keep being fantastic Brave, you’re going to change the web as we know it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks a bunch for the request @Gr8Chase! Will pass along to the team.

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