Please add read aloud feature in brave just like Microsoft Edge it really helps ! Please introduce this feature as soon as possible

Are you about to suggest we add something or alter something to Brave? Don’t just tell us what you want - a lot of people want a lot of things. Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered. You’re much more likely to get feedback from the team this way.
Please delete the text above the line before posting

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i used the word please twice which meant i was requesting , read aloud feature is very usefull as it increases productivity and its easier to listen rather than read pdfs. Further i just made a request to add a feature and never commanded brave so don’t just misinterpret what i meant and if you don’t care about YOUR USERS OPINION then why ask to give our reviews and recommendation. Even a change makes a big difference

If you don’t want to include the feature its okay , i will use other software

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