Include"READ ALOUD" feature

please provide a read-aloud feature just like Microsoft edge provided in the desktop version of the chromium-based browser.

It will help me a lot if I want to use that feature, I have to pen that specific browser.

hope you take measure
yours faithfully


I agree. This is currently the only reason why I use Edge browser. I use it to read aloud online books from O’Reilly which makes them kind of an audio book. This is excellent to listen in the background while doing other things! The Microsoft “Guy” voice is very natural, but it may require an online connection to Microsoft servers which will probably make this feature not viable for an open browser like Brave.

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Read allow is important for accessibility purposes.
Also it is important for education industry.
This is the only reason I still use MS Edge, their reader and immersive mode is currently unparalleled.

I agree with this, this is why I still use edge browser so I can read and comprehend long articles. I wouldn’t really care too much if the voice is natural or not just as long as it reads out loud.

It goes without saying Microsoft uses a proprietary technology.

Nope It can be done without connecting to Microsoft servers. There are many free voices available for screen reading. Brave can use one of them or somewhere on the internet Microsoft voices may be available to be downloaded and used. So Brave can use any method. But the immersive reader and read aloud feature should be given in Brave soon they mean a lot for everyone.

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Yahh i agree on that too

I would love to see read aloud feature in brave browser too.

I use Microsoft edge because ‘read aloud’ is powerful, especially when using “Microsoft Aria Online (Natural) - English (United States)” its a powerful tts
I hope you add it Very soon

If you’re using Windows, check out the Narrator accessibility feature. You can choose and customize the voice, and with the default settings it’ll read any text you select with the cursor.

Update: Hmm, it seems it only reads the first few dozen words of a selection. If you customize the settings (reducing the “context” read as much as possible, unless you find it helpful), it should read the whole page. It’ll probably still come with some extra description, but maybe it won’t be too annoying.

I also suggest looking for an extension that provides this functionality. A well-made one would use the text-to-speech framework offered by the OS instead of sending your pages to some web service. I presume the former is how Edge does it.

If this were to be implemented by Brave itself, hopefully it would be done that same way. Otherwise it would senselessly increase the size of Brave and require more work to maintain.


Its easy to use in Microsoft edge browser and i love it

100% this would be incredible, especially if promoted broadly to new & potential Brave users.

Also, it can remain fully private (on-device) and need not be expensive for Brave to provide. At least on Windows 11, as Edge does, it can use the built-in TTS voices available with Windows OS, which now include “Natural” (NN) voices.

It’d be a huge win for accessibility and general usability!

This would definitely attract customers

Is TTS a feature that Brave iOS could support?
It’d be nice to have Brave be able to read back pages, PDFs, etc.

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in English, maybe but I doubt it will be as good as Edge in non-english languages. Edge strength is seamless automatic change of languages based on text. It sounds really nice in all English, Czech, German and Spanish, what I tried. I know only one other app with as good non-english TTS and it is Readwise Reader.

You know there’s an API on mobile devices for text to speech, it’s included in the accessibility settings on the mobile device. Brave should be able to get a grave with the phones accessibility options but they are specific to this specific build of Android operating system. Like Samsung’s is not the same as some of the other phones like Motorola.

Is there no extension that can do this?

can add possibility to do if with right click PLS?

i ALLOW connect with microsoft server