Insufficient funds

In the brave rewards icon I get a message saying that I have insufficient funds, what does this mean? Do I have to have funds in my brave wallet to receive my monthly bat?

Someone could explain to me what this message is and how I can do to receive the bats of the month, this is the first time I will receive bat from brave.

@uptrendGaming The notification should be because you sent a tip to a content creator or you designated a certain amount to be sent at the end of the month to a content creator but you have less than the stipulated amount of BAT to be sent.

I got the same notice. I was given 20 bat through a grant. I claimed them. I sent 5 bat as a tip and when I open my brave browser today I go the notice of insufficient funds. It deducted the 5 bat from my wallet and showed a balance of 15, so that seems to all be correct. Just don’t understand the insufficient funds notice.

@iznai I have deactivated the self-contribution, in fact, I have not yet received the monthly bat, I registered at the beginning of April, do you know how many days it takes to get to my wallet after the end of the month?

Please see here for more information on why you may not yet have received your monthly payout:


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