Notification says insufficient funds, contribution will be held in next month

I have no idea what the notification is saying…is there is anything requirements says…that you have add funds first to the brave wallet…to get contribution…please anyone reply me…or it’s something else…we should get the bat token for free…what’s going on…wtf is this
…i forgot to take a screenshoot…but still…

That message mean “You have no enough balance to cover your Auto-contribute and/or recurring tips”, @RahatKhalique . You need to add your own funds to your brave://rewards wallet.

You can learn more about Brave Rewards here

Really bro …I have to add funds…how much…and why…I am browsing and I should get it for free…what I am gonna do…can you give a little descriptive information…also I am reading the article…thanks for reaching me out

Bro i got it now…auto contribution is like I am giving some sites tokens…right??..but how I earn token…please tell me that’s what I am doing…

@RahatKhalique first, that’s not how you earn rewards (BAT). Brave Rewards is consist of two features:

  • Auto-contribute and Tipping – a feature that allow Brave users to support publisher and creators,
  • and Brave Ads – a feature that allow Brave users to earn BAT; available for supported countries. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

More and

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