Instapundit Blog on mobile can't see older posts by scrolling with mobile experience

Description of the issue:
I like to use brave as my exclusive browser on mobile, but I always have to open another browser to scroll down and read the feed from Instapundit. I used to use edge to do this, but with Microsoft adding NetGuard or whatever it is to their browser, I have deleted it from my phone. I WANT to use just brave.

I assume this isn’t a blog problem because it works with every other browser I have tried it on.

It has also been a problem with every brave browser I have used since I installed it when it first came out.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Go to on mobile.
    2.Read posts. The older posts will reload ONCE (as seen by the …) but when you try to scroll even further down (sometimes this is even only a half day of posts) it stubbornly stops and there is no way to read the rest of them without going to a desktop or another browser.
  2. Happens EVERY TIME!

(just realized I could switch to desktop view and get the older posts, but it took me writing this support ticket to find that out. most folks wouldn’t figure it out either.)
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Android/iOS Version

Additional Information:

Do you mind adding the device details and the OS details and the browser version number?

Android version
Samsung Experience version
Baseband version
Kernel version
dpi@21HHAF02 #1
Mon Dec 3 22:06:16 KST 2018
Build number
SE for Android status
Mon Dec 03 22:23:52 2018
Knox version
Knox 3.0
Knox API level 24
TIMA 3.3.0
Application version
Brave 1.0.72, Chromium 71.0.3578.99
Operating system
Android 8.0.0; SM-G950U1 Build/R16NW
Legal information
Copyright 2019 Brave Software Inc. All rights reserved.

Thanks for reporting. Issue logged and can be tracked here

Sorry didn’t notice this request;

@KProuty getting resolved. give it 24-48hrs the lists should update.

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