Page reloads from scrolling up

Description of the issue:

I’m just making sure I’m not crazy. I’ve been using Brave for a while now and as of a couple versions ago when I scroll up in the middle of a page it will often reload it. I know if you are all the way at the top of a page and scroll up it should reload, but something definitely seems to have changed with the behavior now happening lower on the page. I apologize if I call scrolling up and down differently from the norm. When I say up I mean rubbing my thumb down the screen. Only posting because it’s driving me mad lol.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. I’m sorry I’m not sure exactly how. It happens to me every day, but I don’t know if it’s whether I scroll up too fast or after not moving for a few seconds.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Page reloads from scrolling up when not at the top of the page.

Expected result:

Page only reloads from scrolling up if you’re at the top of the page. If this was an intentional change, maybe it can be a setting you can disable.

Reproduces how often:

Daily, I just don’t know for sure the trigger.

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):


Mobile Device details

Google Pixel 2

Android/iOS Version


Additional Information:

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Is this happening on specific pages or on all pages? Normal or private tabs?

The majority of the time I’m on, but I know this has happened on any other page I end up on, so I would say all normal pages. I very rarely use private tabs, so can’t be sure there. Thank you.

Just a quick use of the site I see that articles dynamically load as you scroll down. Is this what you are seeing as well? If so thats a site feature to only load articles as you scroll down. Would be super helpful if you can actually screen record this behavoiur on your phone. You can probably DM me the videos if you want.

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I caught it, but it was too big too attach, so here’s a link.

I start at the top of the page and scroll down through a bunch of the article, then about 8 seconds in I scroll up and you can see it reloads the page.


The same issue for me after the last update.

cc: @Mattches @gsarvadnya to try reproducing the issue

I’m unable to reproduce this but I believe (looking now) we have an open issue wherein the “pull to refresh” feature is a bit “sensitive” and is sometimes triggered without intention – maybe this is causing the browser to jump and reload the way it does?

That description sounds like what I’m experiencing.

Thank you for confirming.
I looked but it actually doesn’t seem like we have anything official filed for this. I know I’ve seen other users reporting this same thing (“sensitive” refresh) so I imagine this isn’t just an edge case. I’ll file an issue today and post it in this thread once done.
Thank you for your patience @lightstorm22.

No worries, thanks for your help!

I am facing the same issue, and I see it on all websites. Have to use chrome now on phone.

Same for me. The Browser reloads pages very “sensitive”, i.e. when I am just normally scrolling down a page. This is really annoying.

This issue is driving me nuts! It’s been happening actually for a few months. I’m using a Pixel 2 as well. Midway down a website that I’m scrolling, if I quickly drag my finger down (to scroll up), it’ll reload the whole page! Happens most often on using the mobile view. Happens on other sites too.

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