Partly unresponsive website on mobile

I use Brave both on desktop (windows10) and phone (android9)
this site: = a newssite with headlines which, when clicked, forward to full article
since yesterday (May2) only on mobile the full article is not shown - on the desktop version all works as should (and when I use Chrome on mobile, no problem either).

not sure if this is within Brave (because the desktopversion works OK) but probably due to “some” interaction between Brave and the mobile version of the website - could it be because of the ad-blocker Brave uses? normally I don’t have any ads, but Chrome-on-mobile for thsi site was fully loaded with ads)

thanks, h.- redirects to

I’ve rolled out a attempted fix for the site.

Give it 24-48hrs. Let me know if it fixes/doesn’t fix it.

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all’s fine again now, and hopefully through your efforts: many thanks;

sorry to say that I’ve disabled auto-updte on my phone, and I only updated this morning (Brave 1.23.76) - not sure if that interfered;

also forgot to say that most of the time I open a link in a new tab - last few weeks that showed up at the lefthand bottom of the screen, and now seems back on top - don’t know if thats has anythng to do (although your link suggests interference through an ad-blocker)

thanks again