Installing and UNINSTALLING/REMOVING Brave from Linux Mint 20

There are instructions for installing Brave Browser in Linux Mint 20

I have not yet done the install… AND the reason is, there is too much conflicting info on how to COMPLETELY remove the BRAVE browser in Linux. Before I do the INSTALL…I’m asking how to remove the software.

Any help appreciated.

you are new on linux right?

sudo apt-get remove package-name

for more info:

I know it says for ubuntu, but Linux Mint is a debian distribution based in Ubuntu so same info applies.

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Thank you for the assist ambrocioisaias2808. More helpful than you know.

My knowledge of Linux is patchy! Been using Mint off and on since ver.17 …but due to how stable it is…have been hitting Mint 20 HARD!!!
I use the graphical Software Manager install/uninstall methods. BRAVE program was not in the Mint repository nor in the Flatpak associated with the Mint Software Manager for Mint 20.

UNLESS I find a clear step by step explanation to use the terminal I stay away from the terminal. In this particular case…If I used the terminal without checking with you/the community, on wishing to remove, I would have INCORRECTLY typed:
sudo apt-get remove brave (from whichever directory the terminal launched in).
I’m sure I’d get an unhelpful error message and I’d get terribly frustrated.

*How does one know to use the EXACT words “brave-browser” in the terminal vs. just the intuitive word “brave” ? I guess…just follow the guidance in the web article you provided . . . but I have over a thousand lines of various packages in my system even though I only added 6 programs myself. Will add and then remove a program as a test. I occasionally use Synaptic Package manager…but don’t really understand the inner workings.
Do I have to change to a specific sub directory (folder) in all cases when using the terminal to install/uninstall?

In the case of your answer, I will copy and paste it into a folder where I keep hints on how to use the terminal for specific tasks…like “Uninstall Brave Browser”.

Again, many thanks.

Hello BRVE, like you I found the terminal intimidating unless the instructions are very clear. Just wanted to recommend Synaptic as a graphical solution. Been around a while and well worth learning as a graphical solution. As per your post you have it installed. Try using in ‘status’ to update or uninstall. just happen to have an update to Brave in the current updates in the following screenshots.

May this be helpful to you.

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