Cannot install Brave on new Mint installation

Ok I recently changed my os to linux mint 19.3 from windows. Downloaded brave which was the old version. I cannot use that anymore as my 7 days has run out and it tells me to upgrade however I cannot find the latest version for Linux anywhere… please advise as I like Brave and wish to use it as default.

Please follow the instructions here to install the latest version of Brave on your Linux system.

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I don’t understand any of that. I have no knowledge of the Terminal in linux. Why is there no Package to install through the Desktop.

No, there is not. It’s fairly simple to do though.
Open your Terminal and enter each command one at a time and the OS will do the rest :slight_smile:

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OK I have done that. It appears to have installed from what it says do I need to reboot the computer.

Find Brave on your machine and launch it :slight_smile:

Where Do I find that if I click on the desktop icon or try and launch through the menu. It comes back to this page and wont let me click on anything else…

Menu --> Brave Web Browser

Nope Tried that Mine says Brave Desktop and laptop Browser. It just flashes this page back up which is telling me to install the new version of Brave as i cannot use the old version…

Job Done … Thanks for the help… needed to reboot PC AKA windows style :grinning: all sorted… cheers