Install Edge extensions from the Microsoft Store


I’d like to request support for installing Edge (Chromium) extensions via the Microsoft Store. In a similar logic which allows EdgeC to install extensions both from Google’s Web Store as well as Microsoft’s, it would be useful if Brave could add this feature as well.

This is primarily useful to gain access to extensions which have been removed/censored from Google’s store but live on in Microsoft’s. This includes some of the following:

  • uBlock Origin: the stable build gets much quicker updates in Microsoft’s store compared to Google’s, and gorhill has complained multiple times in the past about Google’s extension review processes. With the expected changes in Manifest v3, there is a likelihood that uBO could disappear from the Google store altogether but not necessarily from the Microsoft store.
  • Universal Bypass: removed from Google’s store, lives on in Microsoft’s.
  • Don’t Touch My Tabs: this is a ‘Recommended’ Firefox extension which is only available for Chromium-based browsers via Microsoft’s store, not in the Google store.

Thank you.