INDIA- region not supported

@system moderators steeven @Mattches do you want to resolve this issue or not? if uphold throws region is not supported error then how am i able to create account in the first place!
what a way you’ve found to fool people
step 1: download brave to earn BAT
step 2: download uphold to trf BAT.
step 3: give all of your vulerable data to uphold so they can sell it to hackers and earn good chunk
step 4: verify wallet to actually trf BAT…
OOPSIE can’t be verified…region not supported
step 5: ask support team for help.
“Brave can you resolve the issue?”
Brave: “fu## off”
“Uphold can you resolve the issue?”
Uphold: “fu## off”
people: yeah, let’s do that!!
marketing strategies fudging people! f. uphold and brave

They’ve already answered this. Seems like you’re here to complain rather than actually asking, so I’ll move your post over to Feedback. In the meanwhile: