India is not listed in Gemini and uphold

I have been using Gemini account in the brave creators few months onwards, but I don’t know what happened suddenly my profile is showing un verified and also my brave creators account is saying the below message.

It looks like you’re in an unsupported country for Brave Creators with Gemini, so your channels won’t appear as verified. However, once your country is supported, you’ll automatically become verified and be eligible to receive payouts to your Gemini account. Learn More.

If India is not listed in any of the Account providers company like Gemini, Uphold. My sincere request to ban Brave in India since the country is not listed in the Account providers. Because there will be no use of using brave in India.

Brave should be launch in the supported regions only, not in the unsupported regions.


Yess Uphold or Gemini is no more supported in india from brave’s side .
please cheack supported region from brave site

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The answer is at →

I know the answer bro but the matter is what is the use of using brave in unsupported regions. Even the users don’t have the access to store the BAT tokens in the wallet.

This is the best example to Ban brave in India. Not only in the India in all the unsupported regions.
When the custodial wallets are not supported in India, the users of brave app and brave Creators they cant save the BAT tokens, there is a more chance to lose tokens. Also the application is crashing in android, and definitely it is not allowing the user to open the app any more, in this case users need to clear the storage or uninstall the app. By doing this simply he will be losing the BAT tokens.

Spread the awareness to unsupported regions users to not to use the Brave APP until or unless the custodial wallet is supported in their region.


You are still earning BATs. The only difference, being in an unsupported region makes is that you can’t convert those BATs into real money. Those BATs are like reward points basically.


That’s what I saying buddy. No use of using Brave Application. It should be helpful in Supported region only.

You need to launch this app in supported regions. Your simply wasting the time of users.

@Saoiray Need to solve our issue immediately. Cause the problem is critical. I think you can understand but need to show us an other way to store the BAT tokens.

They are working on getting regions back. Also most people use Brave for Privacy.

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Lmao. Saoiray is a user just like us. But yea, well he’s very much in communication with Brave officials about issues. So he putting a word in could be helpful.

We don’t have any proof that brave is not collecting our data and then how will be the privacy is safe.

It will be helpful. If many number of people are complaining about the same issue then company team can be known that how much important to solve this issue.

Smarty Adi your name look like Indian, let me ask you something are you using Brave app and maintaining the Brave tokens and are you able to store this tokens on any wallet. In your case except privacy there is no other way of using this browser. I have lost my previous token, with the same issue my intension is no one can face this issue any more.

This is the brave business plan they have launched this app in un supported region to earn income, since more number of people are attracted to rewards in Asian continent. But what about the users who cannot earn anything in the unsupported region.

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lmao brave admins and tech supports are always asleep no wonder only users are maintaining this community lol maybe blame it on time difference

congrats on 50 million with inactive tech supports


True lol they even close community post without any resolution they dont want to be escalated lol ahahaha

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Yes, we do. Brave is open source. Anybody can go in and see 100% of the code and what’s being done. The browser has constantly been reviewed and is given high rating from those who do. This means even you could go look at all the source code and know if there’s anything there that would allow Brave to collect your data. Chances are though, you have absolutely no knowledge that would permit you to do so. You can, however, spend your time searching the internet where people will share about how good Brave is on privacy and not collecting data.

They are working on it as fast as they can. If you’re not happy with it, then feel free to go elsewhere. Truth is, not everyone will be pleased. You’re speaking here like it’s a life or death situation or that Brave has done some wrong. Sometimes when I see the speech like this, it makes me think you’re one of the many people committing fraud and trying to abuse the browser.

Let me be very clear, you agreed to sets of Terms when you downloaded Brave and started using Rewards. In it, they say that there are no guarantees for exchanges and you agree to risks that come with having crypto. That could be decreasing value, inability to access a custodial wallet, and a lot more. It’s fine for you to be upset when a risk becomes a reality, but there’s nobody to blame but yourself. What Brave is doing now is what any good and legitimate business should do, they are protecting the assets of customers, advertisers, and themselves. They are also making sure to improve systems to help prevent fraud and abide by government laws and regulations.

You store tokens in your browser. They already have shown this. If you’re not connected to a custodial partner, then it saves directly on your device.

And this had big announcements in several places. You can read one of them at [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account

Plain and simple, this is how Brave should have done things in the past. They tried leaving things open to support businesses and creators. Unfortunately, lots of people abused the system. So when Brave said, “India is not supported to link Rewards to a custodial account,” people decided to say, “Ok, I’ll create a Creators account and tip myself then.” We also had others going a step further, creating millions of bots and then trying to sell their services to people, saying you could pay them to tip you.

As a result, Brave had no choice but to say that both Rewards and Creators will have the same rules when it comes to being supported. If you’re not happy about that, blame the people who abused the system. It’s their fault, not Brave’s. What’s also important to remember is that governments also observe and threaten Brave to make changes like this or get in trouble, as otherwise they are allowing people to bypass things like KYC/AML and perform money laundering.

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lmao is that why this scam uphold stealing their users money? dont ever hold your BAT in this scam uphold they will steal your money then deactivate your account with no reason


I gotta back you up on this.
I think our guy here, should change the culture of India - instead of throwing even more wood on to the fire.
India is well-known here for being the country of scamming, the weak and elderly.

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In that case the BATS are stored in a some file in the device. If it is correct where exactly it is saving and what type of the file it is and what is the name of that file. What happens if the application is uninstalled/ not opening. Like in android the application is crashing and it is not allowing to open the app again. In this case the user try to reinstall the app there will be no BATS.

In Android, you can’t access the files because of how Android does things. It’s in system files that you can only get to if you root your phone. And if phone is rooted, won’t be able to claim BAT. (at least not supposed to be able to)

All of your BAT and other information is stored in your \brave-browser folder. To see where it is on your device, you need to go to brave://version and it’s saved where you see Profile Path.

If they are working faster the supported region list will be increased. And more number of countries will be under supported listed. It’s not happening. And how you can say they are working faster.

Yes Brave has did wrong, collaborating with fraud custodial service like Uphold, Yes uphold is the fraud and waste custodial account service providers, they are lot of people complaining about this company regarding deactivating the users accounts without sending their assets. Automatically Brave has a more number of chances to contribute their fraud partnership with the uphold there.