India, BAT Reward, Help Me

I m from India. I wann know how can i save my BAT before the new changes happen. There are lot of Indian who use BAT i don’t wann lose my BAT that i saved till now

You can’t “save” your vBAT. You’ll either need to use it by tipping or kiss it goodbye if they can’t get a custodial partner by time they sunset vBAT. That said, we still have a couple months before then, so will see what’s going on.

Will Brave be able to get India a custodial partner before the changes?

@Abhishek01 Nobody knows for certain. The last update we have is shared below:

And I update that topic as we learn more. They are working on adding new partner, but no idea when or anything. Also unsure about India in general because of changing policies by India’s government and all.

Thank You I read this updated post before. But i was unsure so wann ask by my own thank for the help though. I hope the Indian Government approved to this because i was not hoping for Brave to make the changes. I thought that one day it will come to India and i will connect my account.

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