Increase number of top sites visible at a time on new tab page

I saw some older posts about “Top Sites”, but I was wondering if there’s work being done (or a setting I’m having trouble finding) that can allow the “Top Sites” display to spread further across the new tab page and have more than the current 12 per small sub-page for the Top Sites window. With a 4K screen, especially, it would be nice to have all of my Top Sites visible as soon as I open the page, since the functionality is great, but having to find the little button to go to the next sub-page can be difficult, particularly with custom backgrounds.

If possible, even a setting to set the number of Top Sites per “page” of the Top sites widget would be perfect to balance clutter with being able to see all/a lot of favorite Top Sites without searching the widget pages.


+1 for that

It really makes accessing some sites a lot quicker, maybe 4 rows by 8-10 each, depending how big the icons are.