Incorrect Chinese Translation and Misspell

Hi, I’m a Brave Android browser user from China. It’s exciting to see that there is a built-in Chinese translation for the Android client. But I have found several misspell and incorrect translations.

  1. The Brave Shields’ status open and closed. It’s been translated into “Brave 屏蔽 向上”(activated) and “Brave 屏蔽 向下”(closed). That’s totally incorrect! You should change “向上” to “开启” and “向下” to “关闭”.

  2. When the owner of a website does not accept donations from Brave users, there’s such a tip: “此创建者尚未注册…您发送的抽血金…”. The word “抽血金” is wrong!!! And it leads to a totally different meaning. You should change it into “酬谢金”.

Thanks for having Chinese translation, hope we can make this software better. If you need some localization advice, I’m always happy to help!

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Thank you for this information – I’ve forwarded this to the appropriate teams for review.

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Thanks. Today I’ve found another misspelled word, when you choose the permission of a website. you can choose keep the permission for one week, one month, or until close the website. The word until in Chinese is “直到” not “知道”. Although their pronounce is the same.

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