Translate for Android version

Translate for Brave, Brave (Beta) and Brave Nightly for Android never working properly

1. Go to any non english website.
2. Click on translate.
3. As soon as it’s translated, try to look around the website.
4. Firstly, not everything will be translated.
5. Secondly, all translation will vanish after a few seconds.

**Keep clicking tranlstae after every few minutes until it completely stopps working after 3-4 attempts. Then you can refresh the page and try again but it never works or I end up using google translate **

Restarting the app and my Tablet both doesn’t help

Issue is there for all this time, ever since it’s been launched.

Brave 1.66.120, Chromium 125.0.6422.165
Android 14; Build/UP1A.231005.007

It’s a very long term issue, ever since this feature was launched.
Not only for this version, I used every Brave version available including Beta and Nightly

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I agree on this, tried on both phones and same for friends and family phones, which i encouraged them to download for adblock properties then brave experience and new features were a no look back;
This problem is the only thing that oblige me to go back to google chrome for the faster translation, I don’t udnerstand how brave who use chromium have such bug latencies when translated but it is what it is and it suffers huge horrible tranlsation latency, which is a put off for anything foreign you want to read or if you language isn’t mainly english and need the info fast
Brave mainbase is english bit it should a dapt to the growing non english users to compete with google and be able to offer good translation services for people to get the best browser experience possible and make them stick, this rpoblem should be fixed fast for people to be prevented to be gatekeeped frome english websites or anything like the basics like reddit