Inbuilt Notepad Feature & Desktop Sync & Quicker Updates

I would like to see 2 major features in Brave - along with extremely quicker browser updates - from Nightly version to Final version


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    I dont like using extensions for everything like - taking notes while using a browser or taking a screenshot while researching something - its unreasonable to first install an extension from chrome webtstore come back to the browser open the extension and start using it after it asks for login and password and some even dnt work properly too [google keep] - if i have to make a super private browsing experience with all features inbuilt - I dont need Brave - Vivaldi is a better option

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    When will u release the sync v2 finally - its been since the dec or even earlier last year since there is no desktop sync - do u expect me to just install brave browser and install / pull extensions from other browser and start from scratch - everytime in the name of privacy and encryption. Syncing is the most basic thing in a browser - its not a one device world - please wake up… i wouldn’t bother an single breath to leave this browser [even if i have brave rewards - which btw is not getting creditted to my browser account] if there’s no sync facility available by the month-end/