Inability to log into a few sites

“Get rid of private users, only keep professionals who grow your business. Look at me!!!” : Besos’idea implemented world wide (with lies like “wrong pw, try again”, and again, and again …until you give up), followed by google(and governments), just found out firefox is in it. Brand new on Brave to discover that it is into it as well.
Joint agreements with main posting adds sites to redirects users (mostly RE) with a bunch of redirections (auth,,…), supported by browsers with a google smell in the background, in other words, a smell of censure.
I had this thought for a short while that Brave was sincere with blocking redirections and all the rest, yet this thought just vanished while redirected on the same sites (the one I need the most) as with Firefox. I do not get this behavior on a different browser yet well known for lack of privacy.
We still don’t know exactly where this being is from. He has been looking for his home for a few years. All we know is that he plans to take other beings with him to visit this place ". Let’s pray he finds it soon and take all his brothers with him since he doesn’t seem to be happy on this planet.
Is anyone aware of Brave allowing redirecting links? Is it a way to go around this behavior?
I clean my pc everyday with good cleaners like revo. Are there still some remnants? No idea.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

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