More websites cannot be opened on Brave, but are fine on FireFox

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to open a website that is critical for me on Brave. It would not open. So I tried Firefox. No problem there. As a matter of fact, it was easier than it had been when Brave was working for that website because as soon as it opened on Firefox, the username and password fields were already populated.

Today, I’m having problems with yet another website when I try to open it on Brave. It also is a critical website for me to be able to access as it is where I teach online. I accessed this website early this morning, but when I tried to go there about an hour ago, it said I had to log in again. So I tried my login and it said it had to send me a code. I never got the code so I could not access my account. Because I really needed to get on this website, I tried Firefox and was immediately was logged into my account there. I doublechecked the passwords and user names for both sites. Have never had problems before this started a couple of weeks ago. It feels like Brave is deterorating. Anyone else have similar problems?

Which website specifically? @junderwood (so we can test this out)

This occurs upon trying to log into these two accounts. Since one is a bank account and the other is my account for a teaching platform (which has all of my personal information on it to receive payments), I cannot give you my usernames and passwords so you can see for yourself that these pages are not opening in Brave. It will suffice for me to know if anyone else has reported this problem. Thanks.

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