Blocked account

Anderson Carmona

Apr 8, 7:38 PM PDT

Good afternoon, they blocked my brave account. I explain I work giving technical service to computers and my clients I am promoting the brave browser because it is excellent and I have recommended it, I promote it and users voluntarily send me tips to my channel as an inventive for my excellent work and willingly own I am not doing anything unusual or breaking the rules I only promote your browser to my clients on average weekly install 10 computers and laptops and my customers also use it on their smart phones please review my case and respond as soon as possible to a fair request

Hi @carmonaanderson,
Nothing that we can do to help you here.

Please follow the message and sent an email to publishers support team.

Apologies for the inconveniences.
cc @Asad


this is getting unlawful, Brave should really do something about this.

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