Improvements to the "Domain blocked" page (Content filtering)

1. Irrelevant message

When Brave prevents a site from loading, “Domain blocked” page is displayed with a message “This site may attempt to track you across other sites”.

But this message is irrelevant if filters that block fraudulent or malicious URLs are triggered. Therefore, I propose to add the following to this message: “This site may attempt to track you across other sites or contain dangerous and deceptive content”.

For example, I added a filter “Ukrainian Malicious URL Blocklist” (blocklist of phishing web resources that are targeted at citizens of Ukraine). So when this filter fires in and blocks a phishing site, the default message is irrelevant because it’s the phishing site that’s been blocked, not the tracking site.

2. Additional information about triggered filters

It would be great to see the following information about a filter that triggered (in addition to blocked URL name):

a) filter name

b) specific filter (blocking) rule that triggered

I believe that such improvements do not require much effort, since the above information is already initialised by the code that blocks access to web pages.