Improve reader mode

One of the most important things for me, when chosing a browser, is the reader mode. Especially on mobile devices, I mainly use the browser to read articles, when I’m on the road.
When using Brave browser, and reading an article, I activate the reader mode, as I do it in other browsers (for iOS: Safari or Firefox).
I then see the text in an improved format, but still see the address bar, as well as the format bar (“Aa”).
Starting to read, I scroll down in the article, and the address bar disappears, as it should be (“clean reader view”), but unfortunately in contrast to other browsers (like Firefox), the format bar remains visable all the time.
I don’t know, whether this is intentional or a bug, but anyways, it doesn’t make sense. Because the format is something you decide to chose one time, and then, there is no need to use this bar again and again. It just disturbs the clarity of the reader view.
My suggestion: please let the format bar disappear together with the address bar.