IOS Mobile Autofill

I’ve been patiently waiting for some type of update or any acknowledgement of the mobile version of Brave for iOS does not have a autofill option. Upon searching about this it only brings up the desktop. It’s extremely annoying having to type everything out every time I want to fill out something. Apparently it’s on the desktop version but why not on IOS?? Or am I missing something here? I prefer brave over any other browser but this lack of auto fill is a deal breaker and I’ve been forced to switch back to google chrome. I’m also running brave version 1.26 ( on iOS 14.4.2

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Same issue. There’s just a gaping silence?

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Me too! Still waiting for Brave Support to respond. Everything I read says to click the three bars<settings but I don’t have the three bars.

Please see the following thread:

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