Impossible to increase the cache size beyond the 2Gb limit

Hi, Brave Browser is amazing and wonderful!
Thank you very much!
Please I have an important vital request: I watch movies and tv series in streaming and also sports events in live streaming and the quality is in high definition and sometimes my wifi internet connection or data plan has become weak and it stutters, so it is important for me to increase the size of the Brave Browser cache folder to avoid jerks and to have a sufficient buffer, I set a size of 10 Gb but it failed, I changed the default location of the folder cache but when I check the size of the cache folder of Brave Browser, it never exceeds 2Gb, I tried with firefox and I was able to increase the cache size to 10 Gb by changing some settings and playing the videos on firefox is much smoother than other chormium based browsers I have installed, it will be great if our beloved Brave Browser which gives us so much freedom, it will be great if Brave Browser gives us an option to increase the cache beyond 2Gb because I could not increase the size of the cache beyond 2 Gb on Ungooled Chromium and it poses a big problem for me to play the live streaming video of a soccer match and view the videos in very high definition,
on firefox I pause the video for two or three minutes and I can watch the videos without jerks unlike other Chromium based web browsers but I like Brave Browser so much and I would like it to be my browser by default and that will be great if the Brave Browser team can invent an ingenious and brilliant idea that allows us to increase the size of the cache located in C: \ Users \ Asus \ AppData \ Local \ Chromium \ User Data \ Default \ Cache on windows 10 and it will be an incredible exclusivity of Brave Browser !

Thank you very much for this wonderful browser :slight_smile:

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