Can we increase the size of the cache?

I have the latest version of Brave, on a Mac with OS Big Sur, and it seems the limit to how much cache is created is about 300mb. Which means I must keep on clearing it quite often throughout the day. Is there any way to increase the capacity of it?

I believe you can follow these same instructions for Chrome to achieve this in Brave:

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think it will work, as I have a Mac, and there’s no menu even closely resembling that when I right click on the Brave icon.

I’m not that familiar with Mac, but the --disk-cache- (from the article) can added to the brave executable on Mac should do the same

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How do I add it to the brave executable? The article says to put it in the “Target field”, but what target field, where? There’s no menu, or “Properties” option, like what’s shown in the article.

Googling “how to add parameters on mac apps”, Maybe something like

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