Any way to increase cache capacity?

Using 1.39.122, on a Mac OS 11.6.7
I seem to have to be clearing the cache every 15 minutes or so, and no matter how long in-between clearing, there is never any more than about 300 mb of cache. Isn’t there some way to increase the amount, so I’m not spending my days having to constantly keep clearing this?

Why would they have so small an amount, as it slows things down far regularly …


To add 1 GB cache to Brave*:

  1. Right-click on the Brave icon on the desktop
  2. Choose Properties
  3. In Target, Paste –disk-cache-size=1000000000 (there is a space before --) after brave.exe"

*Use the equivalent steps for MACOS
**Pin the new Brave icon to taskbar
***1000000000 bytes= 1 GB (9 zeros)
****Uncheck Browsing history on Exit @ brave://settings/clearBrowserData

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