Overly complicated sh*t i have to go through just to import bookmarks plus browser has crashed twice trying to get help

I really like this browser or at least i did until i tried to get help. Keep it simple please.

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What browser are you trying to import bookmarks from? in chrome or Firefox or well most browsers I am aware of or used all you do is go to your bookmark manager in the browser where you have your bookmarks. Then export the bookmark HTML file onto say your desktop. Then go to Brave browser and import that HTML file and that’s it.

Im trying to import my bookmarks from chrome im using android i closed out the inital setup screen without importing now cant find a way to do it

Im trying to export them from android chrome but i dont see any bookmark manager

Hi sorry I didnt see your posting in the android section…umm. Yeah I just googled it and it seems like a complicated issue because unlike the chrome browser on a PC which can export a simple HTML file the chrome browser on android doesnt do that. It seems there is a Google Bookmark import tool? IDK anyway If you connect your phone to a laptop or PC it should be doable. Sorry I cant help you more.

https://www.fonelab.com/resource/export-android-chrome-bookmark.html here is a link with instructions. You do need to use a pc to extract the html file from pc browser then export it to mobile to load into mobile browser. Pretty straight forward really. Goodluck.

Thank you! Thought id been forgotten. Wish i hadnt spent all the time to manually visit all the sites and rebookmark them in Brave

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