Export and import feature on android app

Implementation of export and import bookmark feature on android app.

Adding this feature would improve the app’s cross platform functions.

Only devs can help, maybe @Serg?

Use case

  • I use Brave on Android for a few years, I have 50+ bookmarked pages.

  • I am also using Brave on desktop.

  • I would like to access my Android bookmarks on my desktop.

  • There is an option to export bookmarks.

  • The message “Bookmarks exported successfully”. is shown when I select “Export bookmarks”.

Android app version: Brave 1.57.53, Chromium 116.0.5845.114

Maybe the implementation of this feature would increase users retention on the app, as there were other users asking about it, for example here.

I see there is the option to share bookmarks via synch chains. It seems to me that this feature has a bigger risk of data breach than the above-mentioned feature.

Could you please verify?

Thanks in advance.



That’s why Sync exists.

If sync is the definitive solution for this request, then why is there the option to import/export bookmarks on Android that doesn’t seem to work properly?

Well, Sync is meant to be used to get Data from Brave to Brave. Brave on all platforms already support Password and Bookmarks synching and other suff. Android and Desktop support full history sync and all that.

The thing about the import/export feature, is that it should be seen more as a way to important bookmarks from OTHER browsers that support the export bookmarks, or the other way around, you want to export your bookmarks to be used in another browser.

Of course, It can be used to store your bookmarks offline in case of some problem and stuff like that, but if Sync which stores stuff in Brave servers exists, and you use Brave, it will always be the best way of doing things as long as you have the Sync Chain code, and you have the daily 25th word at hand.

But I see the export/import more like to play nice with other browsers, for anything else Sync is your best answer, especially when you can easily create different sync chains and have different information on each, you are not limited like if your account was linked to an email and phone and such, like Google, Microsoft etc etc.

Also, if something doesn’t work properly in the Export/Import feature, well, you should report it accordingly as a bug, with all the info you can, so they can reproduce it and fix it, they can only fix what they can reproduce, so the best information you provide the best.

I think Export/Import is useless, and was a waste of time to implement it and it wasn’t necessary, but some people want to transfer their data even on Phones, at least bookmarks, so if it exists, as long as it works it won’t do harm.

@milangru you can find the boormakrs.html file in your downloads folder on your device. You can copy it to your desktop and import.

Q: Has anyone with a Xiaomi redmi note 9s device tried downloading exports?

On file manager > Bluetooth & downloads directory doesn’t show anything after I download exports on the app.