Images not loading in Brave search engine

Since a while my Brave browser does not show ANY images in any of the search results in the Brave browser. (All, images, news and video previews)
Anywhere there is supposed to be an image, for a split of a second, colored backgrounds flash up. They quickly disappear and finally show a grey placeholder instead:

Using the search engine in Firefox or Safari browser on the same device displays the images as desired.
Also, this is only on my iMac, the notebook with the same Brave version installed does not show this behavior.

This seems to be the same issue as this one from @godric, which got closed without any solution:

Hope someone takes this on and finds a solution.

Could you try in a private window or a new profile ?

Also, does this happen to other search engines within brave ?

Hi there, it shows the same behavior in a private window.

other search engines show pictures, thumbnails and previews. e.g. google search or duckduckgo.

I think there was one day in between, where it worked. Meaning: the pictures were shown correctly in brave search. However, this didn’t last long and the next day it was back to “normal” = not showing pics again. :frowning:

@mattches could you please look into this? Thanks so much!

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I think its unlikely but lets make sure images didn’t somehow get blocked on the site — can you visit, click the lock icon in the address bar, then click Site settings and scroll down and ensure that the Images option here is set to Allow? Actually, while we’re here, we may as well also click Clear data at the top of this page as well and see if this makes any difference.

I know that you tested using a Private window but I’m also curious if you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

sorry for my late reply.
Since the image search engine was detached by Google/Bing this issue does not longer exist for me.
However, I remember I checked the settings when you wrote and images are/were allowed for the URL given.