Images button not working/grayed out

For some reason, a recent issue popped up. The Image button is now not working/grayed out. What gives? I use that frequently.
Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 1.35.45 PM

Could you go to
and select preferred results provider for images and try.
You might ask why we need to go to google / bing, then thats something thats gonna be temporary. Till now, brave had been using Bing API to provide but now microsoft has increased the prices allegedly. So therefore they want users to select.
Image search bringing me to Bing or Google? - #4 by Mattches

Thank you! That worked.
I would be SO happy if someone, somewhere, created a NON-Google/Chrome/Bing, etc. browser that didn’t take over our lives, or track our lives!

Glad that I was able to help. Hopefully, brave will be up and working on the image and video end too.

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