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I download lots of images and I hate having to select a download location everytime rather than images just automatically going into the downloads folder which is where I want them, so I’ve looked far and wide for extensions to fix this and a good one has been Double-Click Image Downloader, it’s quick, easy, and images go right where I want it, but more often then not I’ll come across a website where the images on it can’t be downloaded in this fashion, and it returns a “Failed - Forbidden” message, but it also shows it tried downloading it as a .htm file not an image file.

I suspect this happens because of how the website is made in coordination with how the extensions typically download an image, since as I said I can download the image normally by clicking “Save As”. I would’ve asked for help from the extension developers first but since it’s basically every extension experiencing this, it’s likely not fixable on their end, or anyones end, I’m just grasping at straws at this point.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this too, and if they’ve found any work arounds either to the htm downloads or having to open the dialog box everytime. Thank you.

Those websites are not providing a direct link to the image files but a script instead that streams the bits to the client. Either because the images are stored in a database, or because they want to protect their material. So, most download managers just find the html code on the other side.

There are many Chrome extensions to download images. Did you search in Chrome Web Store? There are also several articles listing the best image download extensions. Just google and you find many.

Then try few of the most recommended to see if they fit your needs.

I’ve already tried a lot of the extensions found either directly in the webstore, google searches, or recommended extensions on previous extensions, and none have been able to work around that scripted image you explained.

Your best bet is to find and search specifically for chrome. Chrome and brave are basically the same (in respect to extension functioning)

Try to ask in chrome related forums, and they will answer if it is possible to do what you want (image download but in non-html) in any way.

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Check this to fix the location of your downloads:

Open brave://settings/downloads and,

  1. Set download location
  2. Disable “Ask where to save…”

If you are downloading lot of images, I think the best way is to use a site grabber such as Internet Download Manager (30 days for free) or Websitesniffer I used to use them before; They are very speedy.

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