I'm not receiving free BAT since two-three months, why?


Since a couple of months on my Brave browser I’m not receiving the free BAT (usually 10/20) to give out to publishers.
Is there any reason like I’ve already got a maximum of BAT, or is there a problem?

My version: Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)


@overkill22 grants will be available when its available. Keep watching for the notification in browser.

And likely, grants is now on hold.


Ok. So there’s no a fix date or distribution of this grants.

And why they are on hold now?


Same to me…:smiley:


@overkill22 with the availability of Brave Ads, less grants will be distributed, AFAIK. Since the main feature of Brave Rewards is where user can earn BAT by watching Brave Ads.