Im not getting BAT but im watching ads

So i have been using intensive the last 3 months the brave browser on my phone with all the setting of rewards on, so i was getting ads, clicking on them and expending like 10 sec. But atill nothing, my wallet is 0,0 and i have been using it 3 months already, and im from spain, so i saw that there where campaigns running here, idk why im not getting my bat, thanks instead

Are you connected to Uphold / Gemini ?

Yes I do but this doesnt Change

You’re looking at the wrong page buddy.
Go to brave://rewards

That’s where you earn BATs for seeing ads.
The page you’re at is for Brave Creators which shows BATs if someone has given a tip on your channels such as Reddit, Youtube or another types.

I have vhecked in the link you have said but , the first is that i cannot see a page with my bañance or anything, i can only see a lil box which days that my rewards are active but nothing else, btw thanks for explaining me that reward and creators are different, i was mixing them

You need to enter that in the URL bar not in the search site.

Oh now I see. You’re on iPhone. IOS can’t earn brave rewards. Blame Apple.

Official article at

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But is it still from 2020 till now? Well I think you have just gave the final answer, thanks for your help!!

Yes. Apple hasn’t changed their policy yet.

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