If not extensions, what about adding userscripts?

What about implementing userscript support like GreaseMonkey and friends? That should be a less complicated task then adding full WebEx support, especially if the source for Violent Money or something were used as a base(assuming license compatibility). I know that they rely on WebEx API but I can’t imagine porting it to Chromium native API would be a huge task. I would be willing to contribute a significant amount of time to such a task if I was assured this would be accepted into brave, pending security reviews. There are always certain security risks with userscripts that are badly written but a huge number of users are willing to accept those risks. I believe userscript support that didn’t provide additional security risks would be an excellent compromise. I’d really love to use brave Android as my main mobile browser but the lack of extension is a no-go for me. I rely on extensions/userscripts to enhance security and usability on the web. Userscripts would at least give me something to work with.

With over 200 userscript and increasing rapidly since the dawn of AI api. I’m actually looking for anything that can run userscripts on mobile. Will have to check kiwi and yandex