Extension support

Please add chrome extension support like the Kiwi browser.Brave has alot of potential to become the perfect android browser I just need Ublock origin and Dark reader that will take brave to the next level.

second this, some websites are broken on kiwi but run MUCH better on mobile brave browser. One example is twitter where videos don’t load anymore on kiwi but load fine on brave browser. With the addition of extensions i can use a promoblock on twitter and have a MUCH better experience using brave

I agree that extension support would be useful, but don’t forget that Kiwi got banned from the Play Store for violating its ToS. Afterwards, the developer managed to be re-accepted. Honestly, I don’t think Brave would like to face this kind of unpleasant situation.

I just need Ublock origin

uBO is redundant because Brave Shields is based on it; the difference in the number of blocked hosts is minimal.

This is because Brave allows the user to report broken websites and has a development team that takes care of that, while Kiwi is basically an amateur project with only one (good) developer who must do everything.

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try go brave://adblock


I agree. For what its worth, looks like firefox android also supports some extensions

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Very confused here – Brave supports nearly all extensions that run on Chromium already.

Extensions on Android, Mat.


Whoops – thats my bad. Was reading too fast and skipped over the Android portion of the request. Thanks @Rethanis.

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Very inappropriate example. It can happen to absolutely everyone to misread something, we’re humans not robots.

You can read Brave developers’ statement regarding Android extensions in the Github ticket I linked. It’s not that they don’t want to provide support for extensions, they want to do it in the best possible way which is currently not possible without changes in Chromium upstream.

I’m hoping extension support gets added for Android as well.