Support Chrome Extentions


Chrome Extensions for Brave would be much appreciated. If you design an apk available only on Brave website, it would solve needing to meet any Google Playstore requirements and garner enormous goodwill from the community. Rewards program would take off !! :hugs:

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Hi @rocky01, thanks for your post!

It sounds like you might be using an outdated version of Brave. You can now use all of your extensions with Brave on our new supported version, which you can download and tryout here -

Hopefully this is helpful and let me know if there’s anything else that I can help to answer!


Since this has been filed with the tag “android request” I would suppose @rocky01 is using Brave on Android. There is no extension support on Android.

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Ah, thanks @Brave_user,

Completely missed the tag!

Thanks again.