I went through all the steps yet no ads


I have used Brave before and had only a few minor issues which annoyed me enough not to use it regularly. I was earning BAT and getting ads back then. Now that I have revisited it, I have no BAT in my account (they have disappeared) and I receive no ads to earn more.

I have gone through all the steps suggested. Yes, I am in a region that should receive it, yes, I went through the settings and have allowed notifications and made sure FocusAssist is correctly configured. No, I do not have high expectations because I am not complaining about not getting enough ads - I am getting zero. No, it wouldn’t be because of my personalisation in what ads I would receive as I was getting very regular ads previously due to my varied interests yet now I am getting none at all.

It is really putting me off using Brave at all again as it seems to be worse than before but now with no rewards. I WANT to like it but there are too many glitches for this to be a practical browser and too frustrating to use with the lack of consistency or support.

Please change my mind and tell me how to fix this.

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Make sure you have the ad count over 0, you have auto-contribute disabled and your Ads are enabled. This is a common problem.

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