Update my Uphold wallet link in my Brave Creator account

I created an Brave Creator account and i linked an Uphold account to it, but now, i changed my Uphold account and i need to update the Brave Creator account link too.
How can i change the Uphold account linked to my Brave Creator account by a new Uphold account. It is possible ?

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Yes, it’s possible, @guihirgnome.

On your publisher account, “Disconnect” your current Uphold account then re-“Connect” to your new Uphold account.

I tried this method, but when i reconnect he automatically connects to my older account. Should i make any configuration to change that behavior ?

Thanks for your help.

Did you already logged out from your old Uphold account, @guihirgnome ?

When you try connecting your Uphold account, if you are not logged in, it’ll redirect you to login form, so you can login to your new Uphold account. If you’re logged in (to your old account), it’ll automatically detect and connect to it.

Or you can log in to your new Uphold account first. Then try to connect it again.

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I’ll try and I’ll let you know if its works.

Its works !
Tanks again for your help.

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